Gettysburg Nort-South Marathon
Gettysburg North-South Marathon

Marathon Coaching

Everyone knows how to run — it is instinctive for us. As runners progress in the sport, most eventually run into the trap of over or under training. If you want help achieving the right balance of mileage and intensity during training, consider enlisting the help of an online running coach who can provide you with a customized training plan specific to your individual background and goals.

2L Coaching Services

Why not train harder? To get the most out of your training, you need to train smarter, not just harder. A personal coach from 2L Coaching Services can help you achieve your running or triathlon goals with better, smarter training. Lowell Ladd not only directs this marathon, but is also the head coach of 2L Coaching Services. Who better to prepare you for this race?  For more information, click here »


Register for a 12 week (3 month) online coaching plan from 2L Coaching Services and your racing entry is FREE! Existing 2L Coaching Service Clients can also take advantage of this plan! Clich here for a registration form.


2L Coaching Services
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