Gettysburg Nort-South Marathon
Gettysburg North-South Marathon


  • Can I qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Gettysburg North-South Marathon?
  • Yes. The course is certified according to USATF standards allowing you to qualify for Boston.
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  • How will the race be timed?
  • We will have chip timing provided by 2L Race Services in order to ensure fast and accurate results for all competitors.

  • Is there a course limit?
  • Yes. The course will remain open for 6hours. At that point in time, we will begin breaking down aid stations and packing up the timing but we try to keep the medals out and food and drinks available as long as possible.

  • Are there pace groups?
  • Not for this year. We tried them in the past and they were not used enough to justify having them..

  • Do you allow race entry transfers, deferrals, or refunds?
  • We do not allow refunds. We will consider any requests for transfers or deferrals through March 30th on a case-by-case basis. You can change to the Blue-Gray 1/2 Marathon or Gateway 5K (held together with the North-South Marathon starting in 2018) up until race morning.

  • Are the roads completely closed to traffic?
  • No. Portions of the course will have roads closed while other areas will be open to light traffic on back country roads. A combination of police officers, park rangers, and certified flaggers will direct traffic and runners in order to ensure your safety.

  • Do you allow headphones, baby joggers, or animals during the race?
  • No. All of these present safety concerns for yourself and more importantly the other runners around you. Having a safe course is one of the top priorities.

  • What is the North vs. South Competition?
  • All runners choose to run for the North or South side. Most people will decide based on where they currently live (people from PA, NJ, NY, New England, etc. will run for the North while people from VA, NC, etc. will represent the South). However, everyone has the right to run for either side. If you grew up and have ties to one region, or if you had ancestors who served one side or the other, you can choose based on that criteria. There will be a score competition between the two sides, with overall winners and age group winners determining which side wins. The winning side will earn commemorative prizes for all who run represent that side.
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